Bauer C1 Super 8 Animation/Time-Lapse Movie Camera

Made in Germany, the Bauer C1 Super features Bauer's world-class optics!! The zoom lens is f1.8/ 9-36 mm Bauer-Vario with manual zoom capability. The optics in this lens are as sharp as were ever made for the S-8 format. The lens itself is clear, clean and scratch-free. It has a large and brilliant reflex viewfinder permitting critical focusing. (Have you ever seen how small the images appear in most other Super 8 camera viewfinders?) This camera is very satisfying to look through. Lens focusing and zoom controls are silky smooth.

The film transport and meter appear to work normally. There are four shutter speeds available: 12, 18, 24 (for sync-sound) and Single-Frame for animation/time-lapse and other special effects. There are cable release sockets for both continuous running and for Single-frame exposures. A red elongated button on the front of the camera allows you to lock onto an f-stop, or for general shooting you can use automatic mode by itself. There is a tripod socket on the bottom for mounting on a tripod. The camera uses (4) AA batteries located in the handle, installed through a coin-opened cover. These also operate the built-in exposure meter. (Batteries not included)

The camera is in very good condition, no obvious marks or scratches, clean, very nearly new looking. It has the initials JB on one side, which can be removed, but I liked them for their retro/nostalgia look.

Accessories include a rubber eyecup, lens cap and a cable for cable release, all in good shape. Included also is a nice matching fitted Leatherette case, which has protected it well for many years. By the way, the tripod in the pictures does not come with this camera.

BTW: These cameras look very cool with a lens shade. Click this link to see a picture of a similar camera with one on it. You can find lens shades at most camera stores.

Bauer C1 Super 8 Film Camera Specs.

  • Lens: Bauer-Vario 1.8 | 9 - 36 mm | manual zoom | Filter ring size: 49mm
  • Focus: Set the lens to the extreme telephoto length. Focus until both object and cross-hair appear sharp
  • Light meter: Bauer light regulator reads through the lens and only the light that falls upon the film
  • Diaphragm lock | Lens stop locking button to lock in an f-stop
  • ASA: adjusted by ASA notch on Kodak Super 8 film cartridges
  • Frame Rates | Running Speeds: Single | 12 fps | 18 fps | 24 fps + single
  • Cable release socket on right side of camera for single frame shooting | set frame rate at 18 fps
  • Year: 66-67

A very well designed solid German camera. Ideal for the serious S-8 filmmaker or student!

Writing this material has made me hesitant to let go of this beauty, but I must sell my best working cameras to finance a new project.

Domestic buyer pays $13 shipping/packing and insurance. I will accept PAYPAL and credit cards through PAYPAL--usually shipping by either insured priority mail, UPS or DHL ground service the day after I receive payment (except on weekends or holidays). Foreign shipping based upon actual costs.

Thanks for looking and good luck on your bidding!


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