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Capturing the Past: Movie Making

The following are tools used capture moving images prior to the advent of home video. Super 8 film cameras and projectors were still in common use in the late 70's. Early home video tools were just beginning to appear, but these were low quality, heavy and complex compared to the lightweight film cameras of the time.

Here are some movie making goodies, still in use, from my own collection:










A True Story by Chris H.

How many film makers or photographers have experienced this?

I do have one small story about Aloha: I had an old 8mm film camera that I would use to shoot little home movies here and there. One of the things we loved to film (my brother and I) was our skateboarding. We had a little quarter pipe and stuff like that at our house. We called our series of films "This Week in Skateboarding." Anyway, we talked my uncle into taking us to Aloha to film us skating. I still remember it as one of the best skating days of my life. It was a blazing hot day in the middle of summer in '79 and I was skating my brand new DogTown Shogo Kubo and my brother had the sweetest Inoyue Pool Service Caster deck that you have ever seen. I remember it was so hot outside that my brother and I had the park to ourselves. Since there was no one else there, we weren't embarassed to be filmed which made the session even that much better! I was hitting the top of the Whale Bowl...I was shredding the Beginner's Bowl, and even made some kind of a run in the Spahetti Bowl. I even dropped into the Grand Canyon, but bailed before I hit the other wall! Anyway, we couldn't wait to get the film developed. We immediately went to Sav-On (off Valley Circle) after the park to get the film developed. But, when we got there, we opened the camera and lo-and-behold, there was no film. We forgot the film! I would do anything to have that footage as I still have every other reel of film that we ever shot. But no Aloha. It just kills me...


Thanks Chris.

Anyone with other good Aloha Skater Stories please submit them to this cyberspace ;-).


Check out this site for more info on 8mm Film Making:

The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory

Here is a link to our "Skate Sounds" section with 3-D Audio download.

Skate Sounds

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