Park Demographics...... Pre-Construction

The text below describes basic demographic information, which was used to assist the design, financing and marketing processes.




Location: A hillside location adjacent to and overlooking the Ventura Freeway in Agoura near the Kanan Road off-ramp. Address: 29525 Canwood, Agoura.

Description: A four acre site containing 28,000 feet of skating surface, parking for 69 cars, and a mobile commercial unit with 3,000 square feet for arcade and pro shop. Mobile unit will have attractive natural wood siding. Outside will be a wood decking overlooking the skatepark. Shade and a picnic area will be provided with vending machines for food available. The skatepark will be over two times the size of any existing park in California.

Surrounding Area: Across the freeway is the large Whizin's market and shopping mall, which has a large addition under construction. Also MacDonalds and Dennys are just a half a mile down Canwood, and the attractive Westlake Plaza is nearby. Agoura High School (enrollment 2,000) and Lindero Canyon Middle School (enrollment 1,100) are both less than a mile from the park.

Population: The population of nearby Thousand Oaks is 78,000 and Westlake Village is 17,000. In the Las Virgenes school district (location of the park) there are 8,000 school age children and another 600 school age children in the nearby Oak Park.

Traffic Flow: 81,000 cars a day pass by the skatepark site, which is visible from the Ventura Freeway. Many are taking the Kanan off-ramp to the beach. Last year up to 11,000 cars a day traveled this new road to the beach, and as knowledge of this new road spreads, traffic is increasing. RTD bus line #161, which travels from Canoga Park to Westlake Village stops at Kanan Road by the skatepark.

Advertising: A half page ad has already been reserved for Skateboard magazine, and plans for radio commercials, and ads in local newspapers are being made. Promotional competitions at the racetrack and freestyle area are expected to draw huge crowds.

Growth Factor: This is a rapidly growing area. Within a mile of the skatepark a large tract of homes and a huge group of condominiums are under construction. It is an affluent area with most incomes well over $25,000 a year. It is difficult to find a home under $50,000, and most homes in the area are in the $80,000 to $130,000 bracket.

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