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Aloha Skatetown, Agoura, California, is most obviously unique in its use of tinted shotcrete. A "Sunset Rose" color is used to minimize glare in the four runs, as well as for "product identification" , (The latter reasoning explains the present tan walkways and the planned green separation strips.) The runs themselves are cut along the side of a hill, allowing sufficient momentum throughout. The 430' advanced serpentine, a "Grand Canyon" run, for instance, cuts like a bobsled course through seven bends of up to 13 1/2 ' in height. Alongside is the 30' by 80' "Whale Bowl" with walls varying from 45 degrees to vertical. That, in turn, is neighbored by the shallower "Spaghetti Run" and "Wallos," respectively 125' and 120' in length.

(Above Right) Brad Bowman. Advance or "Grand Canyon" Run Photo: Ray Allen

(Above Left) "Grand Canyon" run winds through steep bends to an eventual uphill runoff. Photo~ Jeff Ruiz

(Below) Another perspective down the line. Photo~ Allen


(Below) Turning on by turning off the lip-Brad Bowman Photo: Allen


(Above) Aloha Skatetown - full view Photo: Allen

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