Surf Kayak - Fiberglass

For information only...not for sale!

Fast Smooth Fiberglass Shell, Surf Shoe Style, Flat bottom for planing and easy turning.

Click Images to see Enlargements

Weight: Light 25 lbs.

Length: Approximate 9 1/2 feet;

Can support a large rider (equivalent of a long board for surfing)

Width: Approximate 2 feet

Click Images to see Enlargements

Click Images to see Enlargements

Condition: Quite nice overall (See Images), a few nicks and small scratches.

Seat has been removed, thus needs replacement (Many use foam).

Paddle not present.

Hull I. D. number: WHB 00546 0875

I am not certain, but this ID suggests that this kayak

may have been made by "Whitewater Boats" in 08 /75.

It looks like it's only a few years old.


Some Surf Kayak links of interest, images of similar boats in use, not this exact boat:

Sea Kayaking Illustrated: A Visual Guide to Better Paddling

Some Surf Kayak Images

Surf Shoe at Pacifica Beach

The Mako, surf-kayak from master boat-designer/builder Mike Johnson


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