Vintage Gold Gull Wing Trucks

Probably the most beautiful trucks ever produced commercially, the H.P.G. IV Split Axle Gull Wings with the very rare Gold Finish.

This beautiful pair of ultra-rare Gold Gull Wing trucks, were mounted to my Quicksilver since its assembly in 1976 or 77 as I remember. At that time, my brother owned a surf and skateboard shop and assembled for my Birthday...the best of the best...the state of the art...the most exotic components into a world class slalom board.

Click here for Info and history of the complete Quicksilver assembly with these GullWing trucks


These Gulls performed beautifully; nimbleness and finesse are two words that describe their action on the original board.

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Front Truck - Click Photos Below to View Enlargements

Rear Truck - Click Photos Below to View Enlargements

Gull Wings on My Sims/Powell Board

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Gullwing Trucks with

Kryptonics 70mm Wheels

Green in front and the softer Blue at the rear

Mounted onto Vintage Sims Quicksilver Slalom Board

Ad featuring the Vintage Gold GullWing Truck:

GullWing Ad From SkateBoarder Aug. '77


in Feb. 2002

View the many photo enlargements carefully to see the condition of the trucks. I have tried to enlarge them sufficiently. I have labeled the trucks separately as front and rear to distinguish them, but they are identical in design, and can be used in either position.

The trucks have been carefully removed from the Sims board and cleaned with soap and water. They have not been disassembled, refinished or restored in any way. Unless noted, everything is original. They are in good condition; maybe great considering the years of use they received. Fortunately, this setup was used primarily for slalom and street, never to grind on coping, etc.

RUBBER BUSHINGS: On both trucks the outer rubber bushings have a few small splits near the washers, going down approximate 1/8 inch from the washer. All rubber is slightly dry, with very-fine surface hairline cracks as they are close to 25 years old. They perform fine, and are easily replaced for a few dollars. These are the same rubber bushings as used on the less rare standard silver trucks.

OUTER WASHERS: The two outer washers, one on each truck, have been ground to an oblong shape, to prevent contact with the truck itself when in "loosey-goosey" slalom mode. The Inner 2 washers are unmodified. The washers are standard hardware store items, costing less than a dollar in stainless, a few cent in plated form.

GOLD FINISH: The finish appears to be a gold paint used on all cast parts, painted prior to assembly at the factory, while the axles, bolts and nuts are a white or silver unpainted metal. The undersides of the bases provide a nice sample of the finish with no weathering.

Both trucks have small scratches or chips here and there, having worn slightly thin at its lowest areas. On the bases, areas surrounding or underneath where the attaching nuts rest are lacking some gold. Both have small nicks where the outer washer has come in contact with the main truck castings. The condition of the paint varies some between the front and the rear trucks, the front being the prettier of the two. The rear has more pitting on the surface that faced forward, catching the specks of road dust or moisture thrown from the front wheels. The rear truck has a small surface scrape, not deep, on it lowest position, near one of the axles.

Approximate Dimensions:

Axle width tip to tip: 6 1/2"
Axle width inner bearing to inner bearing: 4"
Height from base mounting surface to axle center: 2 1/2" without any brackets or riser pads
Base Size: 2 1/4" x 3"

These Gulls have flown the coop, and are now nesting in the British Isles.

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